Connect your home to the world with fast data and phone cabling

If your Mornington Peninsula home is anything like ours then the number of devices in it that need a fast and reliable internet connection is growing all the time, so modern Internet Data and Phone connections are crucial.  As well as desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices, increasingly numbers of home entertainment items work best with a dedicated high speed internet connection. If you need a super fast, reliable home data network then call us now on 0422 877 257 for expert advice and to arrange a no obligation quotation.

Future entertainment
TVs, DVDs and Blu-ray players connect to the internet to access software updates and to provide “smart” services. Streaming movies and video is now becoming more and more popular as people use the latest home theater entertainment systems to make the most of online video and music services. Many people are considering installing a home network and using their own server to store all their movies and music. Lots of homes are discovering the benefits of home automation systems. Not to mention the increasing reliance we all have on the internet for email, social networking, online shopping and more.

All this can mean that a home wifi signal just can’t cope with all the traffic and your data speed will suffer. You may also be in a busy residential area where the wifi bands are crowded and your signal strength varies or even drops. If you have a good high speed internet package from your internet service provider but you still encounter video buffering and other issues, it may be time to look at installing a dedicated home ethernet cabled network.

Fast, safe and secure
If you want the best internet speeds possible and you are concerned about the security of wifi, our expert local electricians can design and install a network of data points in your home. This will give you the very best data speeds throughout the whole house, and across multiple devices. Because we use the latest CAT 5 and CAT 6 wiring, using Peterson Power’s home data cabling services will give you seamless, secure and fast internet access wherever you need it in your home.

It’s good to talk
We can also help you by installing additional phone lines and phone sockets around your home. Often a cordless phone doesn’t have the range to reach all areas of your house, especially if you need a quality telephone line for work purposes.

We can add a new phone line and phone socket to your kitchen, bedrooms, study, or your outside home-office. We can save you time and money by combining a phone and data socket installation, giving you the full range of connectivity options wherever you need them in your home.

Call us now for a no obligation quote for your data cabling installation
We provide convenient 30 minute appointment windows for data cable installations around the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston areas, so contact us now on 0422 877 257 to arrange a no obligation quotation and get expert advice for your home data needs.

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