Save Money and Bring your Home to Life with LED lights

Switching to energy efficient LED lighting will immediately save you money and reduce your environmental impact. Swapping out old, inefficient bulbs is an easy job in many cases, but some situations require an updated fitting or new wiring to take advantage of LED and give your home an updated, modern look. For advice and a no obligation quote on upgrading to LED lighting in the Frankston, Bayside and Mornington Peninsula contact us today on 0422 877 257.

LED and low-energy lighting that works for you
Many of our customers on the Mornington Peninsula ask us to replace their costly halogen lights with more efficient LED downlights, but they also want to take full advantage of our expertise to make use of the latest LED technology and install dimmers and programmable light systems, under cabinet kitchen lighting, outdoor lights, and more.
We design, plan and install
We’re your local expert in lighting plans. Whether it’s time to upgrade your lights simply because you want to save money, or because your home or garden isn’t well lit enough to make the most of it in the evenings, or because you want a modern flexible lighting scheme, we can help.

At Peterson Power we work closely with you to create a custom lighting design that fits your family’s needs and your budget. Once you’re happy with your lighting plan, our expert local electricians will install everything with skill and care – we pride ourselves on treating your home as if it were our own.

Once everything’s up and running we will take you through any features, controls or programs to ensure you know how to take full advantage of your beautiful new lighting.

Experts in all areas of home lighting
We can help with all aspects of your home’s lighting design and operation, and we can install the latest in LED and other energy saving technology. Contact us today on 0422 877 257 for a no obligation lighting consultation to find out how Peterson Power can bring your home to life after dark..

Peterson Power lighting services include:


Lighting Plan: let our expert lighting designer take you through all the options to make your home work better for you when the sun goes down.


LED lights and installation: we can advise on the most appropriate LED solution for any given area of your home including kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting and feature lighting.


LED Downlights: replacing your existing system with LED downlights can be a simple but effective way of instantly saving money. However, not all systems are compatible with LED lights, and we can advise on upgrading your existing system, or installing a brand new downlight solution.


Dimmers and sensors: being able to easily increase or decrease the amount of light in any part of your home is a real benefit in a properly designed lighting plan. In addition we can use some basic home automation  features to activate lights using sensors for energy-saving, safety or security purposes, or just for the ultimate in convenience.


Pool lights: Modern LED pool lights not only offer energy savings over traditional lighting, they can offer additional benefits such as colour-changing options so you can create a stunning pool environment after dark.


Outdoor lighting: Whether it’s to create a warming evening welcome for your house, to highlight features in your garden or to provide additional security and safety, outdoor lights are a real benefit. A carefully designed outdoor light plan will let you enjoy your outside space well into the night, and a professional installation can minimise cost by well-designed wiring runs and choosing the best low energy and LED lighting.


Ambient and mood lighting: lighting your home doesn’t have to always be about the practicalities of being able to see in the dark! Modern LED and low energy systems enable you to use light to set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere. Smart home Automation systems can enable the whole house to be controlled from your smartphone, or a more traditional system of dimmers and specialised light fittings can set the mood for eating, partying, working or simply enjoy your home entertainment system.


Specialist lighting: We have experience planning and installing all types of specialist lighting in the Frankston, Mornington and Bayside area. From pool table lights to hobby rooms, home cinema room lighting to workshop and garage lighting. If you have a need for a specific kind of lighting and illumination in your home we’re the local electricians that can advise you, plan and install it all for you.


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If you live in Frankston, Bayside, south eastern suburbs or Mornington Peninsula contact Peterson Power today on 0422 877 257 for expert advice on your lighting needs.

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