Electric Hot Water systems: Peterson Power can repair, replace, upgrade and advise

Electric hot water systems (sometimes referred to as hot water heaters, hot water services or hot water units) are designed to provide you with hot water when it’s needed for your home. If you find your hot water system is no longer giving you enough hot water, perhaps because your family has grown, or you have extended or are renovating your Mornington Peninsula home, we can help.

If your existing electric hot water service has failed, is faulty or keeps tripping your electrical switchboard or blowing fuses then it’s vital that you have it safety tested and correctly repaired – water and electricity is not a combination to take chances with. Our fully qualified and experienced local electricians can locate the fault and make a safe repair or replacement.

Do you have the right hot water system?
Running the right water heating system for your needs is vital to make sure you’re not spending too much money heating water you don’t need, or running inefficient older hot water heaters that are poor for the environment and for your pocket.

If your existing electric water heater is no longer up to the task, or it’s become faulty or damaged, we can advise you on the best replacement option. We’ll help you to consider:
the right energy source (electric, solar, heat pump);
the appropriate size of hot water system for your needs (taking into account the number of bathrooms you have, size of your family, your typical uses for hot water, etc.);
the space available for the installation;
what features you need (temperature control, energy efficiency, etc.

Call Peterson Power for expert, friendly local advice
If you live in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula or Bayside and you have a problem with your electric hot water system, or you’re looking to upgrade to a better one more suited to your needs, call us on 0422 877 257 today. If your system is faulty our priority is to make sure it’s properly repaired, or we’ll advise you honestly if it’s safer to consider replacing or upgrading your heater. We can assess your hot water needs and give you a no obligation quote for replacement.

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