Should I replace or upgrade my electrical switchboard?

Because the electrical switchboard is often hidden away from view, many of us don’t realise the safety risk in continuing to use outdated, potentially dangerous electrical systems at home. If any of the following apply to you, we strongly suggest you contact us today on 0422 877 257 arrange a free no obligation electrical safety inspection of your home:

Warning signs
Does your home have still have a fusebox rather than a modern electrical switchboard?
Are you renovating a home that’s more than 10 years old?
Are you adding additional load; for example, extra power points or lights?
Do you use multiple extension cords?
Are you installing emergency lights or a hard-wired smoke alarm?
Are fuses blowing or switches tripping on a regular basis?
Are lights flickering, even after you change the light bulb?
Does your panel box smell or appear to be singed or burnt?
Do you currently have two-pronged outlets?
Do you need more room or capacity in your electrical switchboard?

If any of these apply then we strongly recommend you contact a qualified, experienced local electrician to give you a safety check and upgrade advice.

Common misconceptions about home electrical safety
Many people are either unaware that their homes contain outdated electrical systems, or they don’t understand the importance of using the latest safety hardware. Some common misunderstandings we come across are:

“I don’t need to change to an electrical switchboard, my fuse box is doing fine”
Fuse boxes are not designed to manage the electrical needs of today’s average home. The “technology” in traditional fuses is over 130 years old! Modern electrical switchboard with circuit breakers and safety switches are more reliable, much safer and easier to maintain. It’s surprisingly affordable to upgrade your switchboard and it’s a small price to pay for safety, reliability and efficiency.

“Why do I need a safety switch? I’ve got circuit breakers, that’s all I need”
Knowing the difference could save your life. Circuit breakers prevent electrical cables from overloading but they aren’t sensitive enough to prevent electrocution. A safety switch cuts power to a circuit within a fraction of a second when it detects ‘leakage’ of electrical current to earth.

In simple terms, if current is leaking to earth you or anyone in your home is at risk of being electrocuted. A safety switch can be installed quickly and for a modest outlay. At Peterson Power our local electricians are fully qualified to install safety switches and we only use quality Clipsal electrical products.

Call now, we can help
If you have concerns about electrical safety at home in Frankston, Bayside and Mornington Peninsula contact Peterson Power today on 0422 877 257 for no obligation advice and a quote for upgrading your electrical switchboard or outdated fuse box.

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