Rewiring, and Wiring Installation and Repairs

Rewiring your home can seem like a major job that will cause inconvenience and mess, and lots of people may decide it’s “not worth it” because they think their electrical wiring, although older, is fine because they’ve not encountered any problems.

Does my house need rewiring?
If in doubt, call us now on 0422 877 257 to book a safety check. If your house wiring is over 30 years old, if you’ve been having circuit breakers and safety switches trip or blown fuses, or your appliances or lights have been having problems these are all signs of potential wiring faults that may need attention.

The problem with most home electrical wiring is that the cabling is hidden from view, making it difficult to asses the age and quality of the wiring by looking at the switches or power points alone. If you do find black electrical wires this is an urgent sign that you need a checking. Modern electrical wiring is either grey or white and uses PVC insulation. Older black cables use a rubber insulation which can perish with age and could pose a real danger. If you’re in any doubt, or you’ve ever noticed a scorched or burning smell, seen scorching on power points or noticed plugs or power points feeling hot to the touch in use then you should book a safety check immediately.

How long does it take to rewire a house? Will I have to move out?
At Peterson Power we understand that you don’t want your whole life interrupted for a long period of time while having your home rewired. Although every job is different, we can usually complete the entire process within 2 or 3 days, depending on how large your home is. However, we always adhere strictly to the AS/NZ 3000:2000 electrical regulations to make sure your home is electrically safe and if we need more time to do so, we’ll let you know at the outset.

We understand that you want to be able to use your home during this period of time and we make sure that you’ll still have power available outside of the job hours, and our employees clean and tidy as we go – at the end of the day your home won’t be left looking like a construction site!

How much does rewiring a house cost? How long will it last?
As local electricians for the Frankston, south eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula area, we only use high-quality electrical components that will last for decades. Our rewiring is designed to be future proof and will make your home safe and efficient for years to come. A rewiring job is also the perfect time to install modern energy-efficient lighting, add new convenient power points and build in phone or internet data connections. Every rewiring job is different, and we will give you an itemised no obligation quote for the exact work needed in your property. At Peterson Power we know that communication between contractor and client is key, and we keep you informed every step of the way.

General electrical wiring and wiring repairs
Whether you’re renovating an older property, adding a new build extension, need some additional power points or new LED lights, or changes to your light switch wiring, we will get the job done efficiently using the best quality materials and we’ll treat your home with care and respect. Our local electricians are all Peterson Power employees and they are fully trained and experienced in all aspect of electrical wiring, fault finding and repairing of damaged or badly installed wiring and switches.

Call us today for a no-obligation rewiring quote
Call Peterson Power now on 0422 877 257 to arrange for an inspection of your home and a no-obligation quote for your wiring or rewiring work in the Frankston, Bayside and Mornington Peninsula area.

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