Electric roller shutters – the affordable, convenient security and comfort solution

More and more of our customers on the Mornington Peninsula are are asking us to wire for electric roller shutters in their property. Peterson Power’s expert local electricians can provide a complete roller shutter installation service in and around Frankston, Bayside and Mornington to protect and enhance your home.

The convenience of electric operation means that the roller shutters can be activated from inside the house, and can even be connected into your smart home system to activate automatically at certain times or be operated from anywhere by smart device.

Electric roller shutters offer you several benefits in one:

Electric roller shutters offer security for your home
The primary benefit of installing electric roller shutters is the additional security they provide to your home. It’s extremely difficult for an intruder to remove the shutters due to the very close fitting method. This makes them a superb physical deterrent against anyone who wants to get into your home.

As well as physically stopping anyone gaining entry to your property, electric roller shutters are an excellent visual deterrent – anyone looking to enter a property is going to see your security shutters and will simply move on to a softer target.

Electric roller shutters protect your family against vandalism, burglary and intrusion by making it incredibly difficult for anyone outside your home to gain access.

Protection from the heat of the sun
Traditionally people use blinds or curtains to cover their windows and attempt to stop the full heat of the sun from warming up the house. This is a very ineffective method of temperature control because as soon as the glass in your windows heats up it will simply transfer its heat energy to the material of the blinds or curtains which will then radiate that into the rest of the house.

By having our local electricians install electric roller shutters, Peterson Power can prevent up to 70% of the heat from the sun from entering your house in the first place. An added benefit in winter is that roller shutters can also prevent up to 60% of the heat inside the house from escaping outside through the glass.

By having an air gap between the shutter and your window glass it acts as a very effective insulator. This can lead to significant savings on your power bill because your air conditioning system will not have to run for so long.

Weather protection
Another great benefit to installing electric roller shutters is that they will protect your windows and doors from the worst of the weather. If you’re hit by a hail storm, high winds or similar weather events, simply activate the electric roller shutters and your glazing will quickly be protected from the worst the weather can throw at you.

Unlike cheaper outdoor shutters, electric roller shutters won’t rattle and bang in high winds and will actively reduce the noise from outside (whether caused by the weather or other noise in your neighbourhood) meaning a more peaceful environment inside – great to help kids sleep through storms, high winds, hail, etc.

Light control and privacy
A key benefit to installing electric window shutters is the total flexibility they give you to control your privacy and the amount of light entering each room. As electric roller shutters can be adjusted anywhere from fully closed to fully open at the touch of a button, you’re in complete control of how much, or how little, light enters your space.

If your home is overlooked by neighbours or a public road or path then you may feel uncomfortable about your levels or privacy, especially at night. By installing electric roller shutters you can be assured of total privacy when you want it at the touch of a button.

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