Looking for an electrician? Need electrical work done for your home or business? Electrical work can be serious business, and the only way to do it properly is with a serious electrician. There are plenty of super affordable and quick electricians on the market, but when dealing with electricity, do you really want to put your trust in cheap but questionable work?

Here are five reasons why it is important to have a responsible electrician:

 1) No Corners Are Cut

The first key difference between a responsible electrician and one who isn’t is, of course, responsibility. Responsibility covers everything that an electrician deals with. Every job that they take on, they consider it their full responsibility to completely deal with it and flush whatever issues out. An irresponsible electrician will do the bare minimum, cutting corners and finding second rate solutions.

While both electricians could probably get the job done and make everything work the way they are supposed to, the responsible electrician will make sure his solutions last. If you hire an electrician who doesn’t care about his work, he will introduce sub-standard and shoddy work into your household, with no guarantee for longevity or safety. A responsible electrician will keep working at it until the job is done correctly and with safety in mind.

2) They See the Bigger Picture

Being an electrician is more than just fixing up the right wires and making sure all the outlets are functional. While your average electrician may (hopefully) have the technical skills, a responsible electrician will have the experience and knowledge to truly give you the service you deserve.

If you present your electrician with a problem, their job doesn’t start and end with simply fixing that problem. They need to see the bigger picture—truly understanding your electrical setup in your home or office. They consider why your issue became an issue, and what can be done to prevent its reoccurrence. While it may seem like the responsible electrician is simply trying to get more work out of his client, that isn’t the case at all; the responsible electrician cares about the craftsmanship of every project he works on, as well as the safety and longevity of their work.

 3) They Are Committed to Learning

While the basics of electrical work generally stays the same, there are always new to learn: new equipment introduced in the industry; new appliances to work on and consider; new regulations that must be considered and proper procedures to follow to be compliant as per As 2000/3000 wiring rules.

A lazy electrician will simply equip themselves with the fundamental knowledge it takes to perform basic electrical work, but then they will stop there. They do a great job of convincing clients that their service is just as high-quality as any other electrician’s, but the truth is their work could probably use a lot of improvement.

On the other hand, the responsible electrician equips themselves with the latest on regulations and knowledge. They come prepared with the right qualifications, they possess Public Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance. They find themselves learning on every job, taking every experience as an opportunity to educate themselves.

 4) Communication

One thing you will never see a bad electrician do is communicate. A lazy electrician stays uninvolved with his work and his clients; they will simply arrive at the location (usually slightly late), perform the minimal task required of them, and then leave only to never answer your call at a later date.

But what these electricians aren’t taking into account is what the client needs to know. It is always important to keep communication open with every client you work with. Not only does it make you more professional as an electrician, but it also contributes to the value of your service. While the electrician’s work may seem like common knowledge to him, a responsible electrician understands that many electrical concepts are a mystery for the general public, and having those mysteries explained to them can help their clients in the future.

A professional electrician should be able to locate and articulate the electrical problem with ease. Being a good communicator will help in the future to prevent the issue from occurring again, or at the very least give you the confidence to isolate the fault, until an electrician can attend.

 5) They Don’t Think About Time

Being on time is important for many reasons – it shows you that your time is of value and shows the electrician is organized to be there in your time of need.

There are a lot of ways to cut corners when it comes to electrical work. Essentially, masking the bigger issues behind the problem and simply solving it “just enough” so that the lights are working again. These are quick and temporary solutions, and they are the handiwork of lazy electricians who are just in it to make a quick buck. A responsible electrician will never do this to you.

Hiring a Responsible Electrician: Getting Your Money’s Worth in Quality and Safety

As we said above, electrical work is never something that should be taken lightly. Faulty electrical work could lead to disastrous results, and we’ve all seen in the news the horrors caused by something as small as faulty wiring. It’s not your job to find the cheapest electrician; it’s your job to find the most responsible one.

Responsible electricians hold a certain pride in each renovation project they complete, and it is this pride that separates them from the rest.

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