Electric vehicle car chargers ( EV Charging )

We supply and install electric car chargers all over Melbourne, from homes to businesses we help keep your cars battery full!


Complete supply and installation of EV Chargers for your home, done right the first time!

Pay your way

We provide fast on the spot electronic quotation and payment via all major credit cards.

Quality Guarantee

Like all our other services you can be assured of our quality guarantee and certificate of electrical saftey.

You've just bought an EV

Congratulations on your purchase! but now the common problem.. you need your supplied electric car charger installed at home or a you need your own 3rd party charger installed for a second hand electric vehicle . 

This isn't going to work!

It's definetely an expensive purchase

An electric car is an expensive purchase but a future investment for yourself against rising fuel prices and contributing to a renewable future.  

Finding a trust worthy EV installer

Your now probably weary of over paying for installation of a new EV charger,  but you want the job done safely and completed to a high standard the first time to save money.

It's complicated with a lack of useful information available online.

Which EV charger do I need for my vehicle? Where should it be installed? Will my charger work with other vehicles? Is it going to work in the future with newer vehicles?

Don't worry Peterson Power have a proven track record of installing EV Chargers in Melbourne!

We will guide you throught the process as we have for many people entering the new world of electric vehicles for the first time. From the first consultation call to the finished installation you can be assured of an easy and transparent process that our customers love, just check out our repeat happy customers on Google Review.

Our Trusted Suppliers

What a typical EV charger installation looks like

This is what you should expect from any professional installer.


Schedule a call we will ask some questions about your vehicle and property.


We will come inspect your property to insure everything is ready for installation. 


Then we provide onsite quotation and schedule date for work to be completed.


Recieve your certificate of electrical saftey and start using your new charger!

Always use a licenced electrician

To avoid loosing your warrenty
or potentially damaging your new car!

Electric Car Charger Installations

Photos of typical electric car charger setups and what your setup could look like at your home or business.

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