Do I need a new electrical switchboard? If yours looks like this, then the answer’s probably yes…

Peterson Power electricians recently supplied, wired and installed this new switchboard for a client in Frankston Vic 3199.

This old switchboard has exposed wiring and old porcelain fuses. Our qualified electrician inspected and tested everything as in working order, but the client asked Peterson Power to install a new switchboard because they wanted complete peace of mind and electrical safety was important for their family.

Replacing these old-style fuses when they blow poses a  risk because in these old-style switchboards there’s no safety switch. This means exposed live terminals when fuses are removed.


switchboard before and after

An added danger with old electrical switchboards is that fuses can be seated incorrectly. This causes electrical arcing and hotspots that could travel throughout the whole wiring system. This could cause damage to electrical appliances around the house as well as being a major fire risk. Please don’t compromise on your household electrical safety!

Because we’re local electricians we were able to to complete this new switchboard installation in Frankston within the working day. That meant minor inconvenience to the client’s family and their daily routine.

As you can see from the picture, the new installation is not only electrical safe but it looks modern and smart and takes up less wall space than the old unsafe switchboard it replaced. Our client and their family now sleep soundly at night knowing that their property and their lives are protected by modern safety switches installed by a professional local electrician.