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Why Install a Solar Power System? Not only does a solar system give you clean, renewable energy, it can actually make you money by putting energy back into “the grid”. Fantastic government rebates exist to encourage households to supplement their mains power with solar power. It is becoming a more affordable and realistic option for many households, not just for hot water but also for the general power needs of the average home. Solar is also an increasingly popular option for powering outdoor lighting and related systems.

The Technology

Solar Power technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, with panels that are more efficient, durable and lightweight and offer more seamless and user-friendly integration with the rest of your power supply. Peterson Power are experts in solar technology, and can provide you with the best option for your home.

Don’t Trust Just Anybody

More and more electricians are claiming to offer solar power advice installation but are not a qualified and certified solar power installer. Peterson Power specialised in installing solar systems, and our staff are trained and certified. We can advise you on how solar power can work for you, including the right number and location of panels to meet your power needs and budget. We can also look after everything from selecting the right products to installation and showing you how to manage your solar set-up.

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